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New Mission and Vision

The Health Optimizing Institute
Dedicated Initiative

This is our pragmatic action for answering our
most urgent imperative
 challenge of all time by
Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller. 

It does not take much research to verify that those of
us alive now are determining if we will have a world
that works for all or a world not worth living in
for any of us. 

 If in doubt, Google Independent or Alternative
News Media and go deep.

This is our Greatest Challenge
that must be Our Greatest Opportunity 

“We are drifting towards a catastrophe beyond
conception.  We shall require a substantial new
manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

–Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing
reality. To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.”

–Buckminster Fuller

This is now easier, for the old systems are obsolete. Our
leaders are being led by our self-destructive systems we inherited.

Our Imperative Response is Creating
Sustainable Village 2020 Perfect Vision
Prosperous Sustainable Communities Challenge

This could position San Diego or the County taking
this Challenge on being the sustainable development
capitol of the world.

Our Current real estate development
is not sustainable.
It is a continuation of the dysfunctional
systems we inherited.

Why create anything less than
our greatest vision for
each other being on our Agenda?

 We can bring together the visionary,
compassionate leaders in our communities
to create our wisdom vision “new manner of thinking”
for our model San Diego village being the most
 sociologically and ecologically sustainable
 worthy of being emulated by other counties.

Sustainable Village 2020 Perfect Vision

Our Mission is to prove that the Most Fun, Fulfilling,
Profitable Thing To Be Doing Is Creating

A Kind World That Works For Everyone.

The pragmatic action for this is to find donated city,
county, state or private land to build a model ecological,
sociological sustainable village.  Our first offer of land is
on the border of Camp Pendleton in Fallbrook. 
A panel
of land use planners can determine which land offered
will be used to build the Village.  For a model
See the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies
at Pomona College.

The model community could be built around high intensity
proven organic food production and alternative sustainable
energy and water sufficiency models.  Sociological modeling
can include
 Mondragon-proven, socially prosperous
evolving Enriching Integrity Circles

 Following is the pragmatic foundation for our
Vision and Mission

 For This Enterprise We Are Establishing

 The Foundation For Evolving
Citizens and Management

AND Evolving
Enriching Integrity  Circles
Establishing Intentional Communities

We are Inviting Visionary leaders to be Founding
Participants for creating 
FECAM The Foundation
for Evolving Citizens and Management 


Good Conscience Seal of Participation

Participating  FECAM organizations will be pledging to
be Evolving Integrity Organizations, displaying the 
Conscience Seal of Participation
  (See Prospectus and
First review.)  
Most may be sponsoring Wisdom Game –
Intellectual Olympics Teams To Create OUR Model.

AGAIN: Vital To See:

The First Priority Fund

For our stated Mission and Vision,
we have established the non-profit
First Priority Fund.

 We have a one million dollar matching grant
pledge to The First Priority Fund
That can become the:
First Priority Bank for Humanity
Funding Sustainable Villages

When You Show Up
We will Launch OUR San Diego
Visionary Leaders Search

“Do not wait for the leaders.
We are the leaders we have been waiting for.”
–Hopi Prophecy

Knowing and Owning

Where We Are

San Diego Sustainable Village 2020 Vision Challenge

It is Now About Enlightened
Self-interest Intelligence.

There is the intelligence of our giant applied physical
sciences and technology that created the atomic bomb
and uses it. Then there is our baby applied social
sciences that know not to create bombs but created the
United Nations with its Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, so we do not need any bombs.

“Now that we have a universal United Nations with rules
for conflict resolution there are no longer any just wars.”
–Dr. Robert Muller

Physically, with our Giant Applied Physical Science and
Technology we have everything needed to create
sustainable prosperity for all and yet we continue in our
self-destructive mode, as a result of not creating the
tools to grow our Baby Applied Social Sciences to
match the Giant Applied Physical Science and Technology.  

Business as usual means our applied hard science and
technology will destroy our baby applied social
sciences, along with us all.

Applied Social Sciences contains the necessary social
consciousness for sustainability, if it is effectively
activated to match our physical sciences.

“The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power
without conscience. Our world is a world of nuclear giants and
ethical infants… We know more about war than we know about
peace, more about killing than we know about living.”

General Omar N. Bradley

Now we need to find agendas and tools for our
applied Social Sciences equivalent to what the
discovery of the microscope and electricity did for
the Applied Physical Sciences

Now we get real and create what can be
or find those tools

The Wisdom Games – Intellectual Olympics
First for our Colleges and Universities 

With Wisdom Game Teams being Enriching Integrity Circles
that are designed to free our vast potential.

This can be finding the imperative tools needed to bring
our baby-applied social sciences up to par with our
applied physical sciences and technology before we

Social intelligence is our most important form of
intelligence, for without it we will not be here to enjoy
other forms of intelligence.

Our Lives Depend On Us Exalting O.U.R.
Applied Social Sciences

The Intellectual Olympics
Can Birth Our Wisdom World

Wisdom Games

We need tools for Applied Social Sciences equivalent to
what the discovery of the microscope and electricity
did for Applied Physical Sciences

This Game is being developed by the Health Optimizing
with our Universities to be or discover those
equivalent tools for required Social Integrity.

Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles that are designed
to free our vast potential are the foundation for
Intellectual Olympics our Teams.

Making our mission real is focusing on:
Our “new manner of thinking” funding establishing
Our First Priority Fund to launch our imperative mission
and eventually establish our      
First Priority Rotary – Lions  Ethics Vision
 Bank for Humankind

Stated Ethics
Lions – 
“We Serve”
Rotary- “Service above self” 
“Who Serves best benefits the most”

“A deep secret in life is that the only thing
 really worth doing is what we do for others.”
–Lewis Carol

If we are to Thrive or Survive
Our Pragmatic Holistic Thinking Action
Pragmatic Focus On
Our Applied Social Sciences:
Social Responsibility, Political Science,
Our Holistic Health and Education,
Our Law Enforcement Citizens

It is envisioned creating San Diego being the first city to
emulate the proven prosperity demonstrated by the
citizen benefit bank of

North Dakota. 
This has been providing prosperity for ninety years.
This can provided the funds to build our Villages.
A Must See for this is: 
Public Banking Institute 
Banking in the Public Interest

We have established The First Priority Fund to
move on this

This funding is First Priority in that we
will find that if we do not fulfill the mission of this Fund soon we will not be
able to fulfill other visions.

The First Priority Fund is going all-out for practical, functional
responses to the stated most profound, pragmatic statements
for our time by Einstein and Fuller. 

Participation in
The First Priority Fund

frees us from our demise of consciously or subconsciously
feeling like a victim or innocent bystander to the systems that
are destroying us.  This self-esteem boost is key to freeing us,
so we can access our necessary vast untapped potential.

Our answer to Einstein and Fuller can “create a new model
that makes the old model obsolete.”  Oh! The old model is
obsolete; it is not sustainable. 

We will find that our fortune is that we have the money
to create a sustainable, prosperous future for all. 

It is imperative to read “Web of Debt” by Ellen Brown –
The Shocking Truth About Our Money System
 And How We Can Break Free 

Our individual fortune is found in our required
understanding about the mastery of money.

OUR Third Ongoing Circle Bonding Gathering is about
healing our Misery and Mystery of Money

With Money Mastery

“You cannot change reality by fighting it. Create a new
model that makes the old model obsolete.”
–Buckminster fuller

Prosperous Sustainable San Diego
Sustainable Village 2020 Vision Challenge

A Five-Year Challenge to have our perfect vision in
place to build our model village to see which county can
create a ecologically, sociologically sustainable model
village worthy of emulation by other counties

We ground our terminal missing social integrity with
Rotary wisdom expressed by two Rotary mottos:
Service Above Self” and “Who benefits most
are those who serve best”
 and by The Rotary Four-Way
Test which has been translated into more than 100
languages, asks the following questions: 

Of the things we think, say or do: 

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Think about it.  We are All alchemists creating more out of less.

What if our San Diego Challenge start was to acquire land at
Camp Pendleton and build our Model sustainable community? 

This would position us for what must be Our Greatest
Practical Grandiose Alchemy that could be the

“new model that makes the old model obsolete.”  The
US or The UN could create a contest to see which country
can build the greatest ecologically, sociologically sustainable
Village partially using military budget and logistics. 

We have an offer of land adjacent to Camp Pendleton to build on.

An EPIC Act of Alchemy Revealed.

The Least we must do is
Create the World’s Greatest Sustainable
Holistic Growth Industry

You will find that we have every thing needed for this

A Most Empowering True Parable

If you personally owned the biggest single
enterprise of all recorded history what would you create?

First of all, I am sure you would want to make it
sustainable. Then, you would want to make sure it
provided enough personal funds so you were free
to find and live your personal passionate life

Our Greatest Personal
Good News

You do own the biggest enterprise of all timealong with
me as “We the People.”

“We, the people are the rightful masters of both
Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the
Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the

–Abraham Lincoln

You own the assets of our military worth
trillions of dollars.

This is the largest most powerful
single enterprise of all time.

The military is
“We the People’s”
Security Enterprise.

This is conducted honoring our free enterprise system
by contracting with companies to build and sustain
“We the People’s” greatest enterprise –
our security system

As it is now, our enterprise is not sustainable and it is
not providing security or personal dividends in our pocket.

It is designed to grow every year, consuming more and
more of our resources.  As it is now, it will either
economically cause our self-destruction or it will get us
blown up.  This could cause a nuclear winter, destroying
most life on our planet.  Does this security system have
you feeling secure?


“Self Evident Truth” is that you and I “We the People”
own this biggest of all enterprises – our Military
Industrial Complex security system – and we also own
our monetary system that has been miss-directed.

Top priority should be reading Web of Debt by Ellen Brown.

We can provide our Security enterprise having the
added investment of being our Uncle Sam Construction
Company, creating war in reverse with dividends going
to you and me.

Our military enterprise being over 80% logistics
provides just what is needed for creating the added
capacity of a sustainable, profitable construction
business, rather than a costly unproductive destruction

Thus we create friends and new markets for our
products.  Who is going to want to blow us up when we
are building
 them up?

Our Uncle Sam Construction Company could be our
employer of last resorts and provide enough money in
all of our pockets so we are free to live our noble chosen life.

Evolving our greatest of all enterprises Our Military
Security System with dividends going to “We the
 has the potential to create a personal financial
foundation for every American Citizen Creating Real Security. 


Have you noticed that this security enterprise we own is a
   In addition, this enterprise of ours is a major cause of
pollution that is destroying our life support system. 

A must read is War is a Racket by General Smedley

We cannot stop the terminal cancerous growth of our Military
Industrial Complex that President General Eisenhower
warned us about.
 Our only hope is creating a new job for it that
phases us out of self-destruction into constructive sustainable
prosperous building.   


“You cannot change reality by fighting it. Create a
new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

–Buckminster Fuller

Our win in life is not what we do to others. Lewis Carroll
, “One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is
really worth doing is what we do for others

We can Create War In Reverse

For Our New Vision And Mission
The Health Optimizing Institute
Is Launching

Enriching Integrity Circles
Establishing Intentional Community

This is an essence-connecting group of devoted
true friends that are Actualizing Beings,
empowering each other in being
“The Leaders we have been waiting for.”

This is OUR World’s 

Greatest Match Making Service
For Sustainable Happiness

This frees the greatest wealth on our planet:
OUR vast untapped personal potential
with evolving
Enriching Integrity Circles

Ending our big block that’s
keeping us from accessing our vast potential.

When we feel really good about ourselves, we can release a lot
of potential. When we do not feel so good about ourselves we
cannot release much of our potential.

When we are consciously or subconsciously feeling like victims
or innocent  by-standers to the systems that are destroying us
how good can we feel about ourselves?  About 2%. 

That is what Dr. Maslow told me we are using. This is not
enough potential to stay in evolution.        

We free our vast potential by knowing we are participating or
living in an agenda we know is creating our Wisdom World by
replacing our dysfunctional systems that e us in self-destruct.

Together we know we are participating
in a plan that will provide
Available Sustainable Prosperity for All
Over Our Pending
“A catastrophe Beyond Conception.”

With OUR evolving
Enriching Integrity Circles

We move from a thing-oriented conflict and scarcity role
playing society of doing and getting that is not sustainable to
our prosperity-for-all cooperation and abundance, authentic,
sustainable, relationship-focused society of devoted
actualizing friends focused on empowering each other.

Enriching Integrity Circles

Are Our Greatest GIFT
To Receive and Give

As soon as we are in our Circle
We have won the Game of Life
In that we are living in
O.U.R. Winning Process.

For moving OUR Vision and Mission
We must answer Einstein’s awareness
“That we require a substantial new manner of
thinking if humankind is to survive.”

We find that required thinking is
Holistic Thinking

With the University of California, The Health Optimizing
Institute with The Mandala Society Launched the Holistic
Health Movement in America, introducing the word “Holistic”
and launched the broad practice of Holistic Body Mind Spirit
medicine. The Holistic concept is now not just accepted, but
embraced by society as a new paradigm

We are Establishing

Enriching Integrity Circles
Establishing Intentional Community

and The Intellectual Olympics
To Promote The Movement


O.U.R. Holistic

We Can have OUR greatest Fulfillment
Knowing that being in OUR Circles
We are making it practical
For the Non Organization Movement
To Flourish and Win Civlization

With O.U.R. Holistic Renaissance

This is not An Organization This Is
O.U.R. movement for history being recorded
that in the year 2020 We Had Our Perfect Vision
that moves us 
from our now age of
Communication and Consciousness
to our Age of Kindness and Wisdom,
Birthing our World of Love.

Howard Zinn – Historian Educator – author of
A Peoples History of the United States said:

Major social progress did not come from our Congress
or our President – or some great leader,
It came from a MOVEMENT that found the leaders.”

We now require Major Social Progress to simple sanity
Enlightened Self-interest or we self-destruct.

“Do not wait for the leaders.
We are the leader we have been waiting for.”
–Hopi Prophecy

Now Without Organization
Using Coalition and Collaboration
We Create Our Gifts Promoting


Our Health Optimizing Institute
Contribution To
O.U.R. Holistic Renaissance
(Foundation For Evolving
Citizens and Management)

The Wisdom Games
Intellectual Olympics
And OUR Foundation

Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles
Establishing Intentional Community

This is romancing our personal ultimate
life adventure and winning before we get
there, for in our groups we will be living
in our winning process found in:

Enriching Integrity Circles

We Will Be Creating
O.U.R. Holistic Renaissance

he Web Site O.U.R. Essence Space
Empowering Our Voice for Our Choice
of Our World of Sustainable Happy Hearts

Our Essence Space site

EPIC WEB SITE Emulating Face Book and Television for 
Social Networking for Sustainable Happiness
Social media web site for Happy Hearts.

Our Foundation site for Claiming our Greatest Gift
and Claiming our Greatest Treasure
Our Vast Untapped Personal Positive Potential


The Worlds Greatest Match Making Service
For Sustainable  Happiness.
That is OUR World’s Greatest Profession.
Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles
It is Imperative that we Claim
Our Greatest Gift and Treasure

Now it is easy to see that Our Great Gift is our life with
each of us is being a unique never happened before or
never again whole life being work of art that is pure vast
untapped potential. 

This is our gift from the Infinite Intelligence That Creates
  We now know how to free this greatest of all gifts
with evolving
Enriching Integrity Circles

Our Greatest Treasure is the greatest foundation for
being able to utilize the gift of our Life with vast sacred
potential.  Most will be amazed that this
 Treasure is our
 “Self Evident Truth” heritage.

Be Vitalized by our Greatest Gift

The Charters of Freedom and Fulfillment

Reading the Charters and embracing them with our
hearts can bring us fully alive accessing the 90% of our
potential behavioral scientists say we are not using.

Our Greatest Treasure – Amazingly, our Heritage has
been put on hold until we become socially responsible.
This is preposterous and most people are in denial.

We Are All
Living a Story.
It is Time for a New Story
Before We Self-Destruct

We Are Living
The Greatest Story Yet To Be Told

For we are Choosing
Available Sustainable Prosperity for All
Or Business As Us Usual
Pending “…Catastrophe beyond conception..”

Our Conclusion Right Here is:
Our Win is that our Tipping Point is
The Minority Rules

What we truly BE is unstoppable.

For that which evolves most is that which is most
cooperative, synergistic, symbiotic.  That which is most
sinister and ruthless does not have much of a future, for
it is totally destructive. 

We are the power of an eternity of cooperation and
abundance evolving.  Now we can choose Utopia
or Oblivion. That was the title of Buckminster Fuller’s
Book.  He pointed out that it is not about something
in-between. It is about Utopia for all or Oblivion for all.

Social Cognitive Networks Research at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute found that when just 10 percent of
the population holds an
 unshakable belief then their
belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

When we are actually living the new sustainable model
 owning our unavoidable connection to Source – our
winning power and with this living and/or creating with
our committed bonding, actualizing beings, true friends
– Soul Teams, Tribes and Families we are
Our win is available now.

Most are in denial or they have given up.  So right now
there is no livable future.  See 
Crimes against Nature by
Environmental Attorney Robert Kennedy Jr.  and  
Day the Corporations Rule
 the World by David Korten –
Showing our suicide economy.  

For a future see: The Loving Community

We do not need to wait to be living in a loving
society.  That is what we are choosing in our
 Enriching Integrity Circles.   We have the
opportunity to benefit from what it will take for our
fulfillment that is actually living in
 unshakeable loving communities. 

Ten percent of us has the opportunity
for the greatest fulfillment for we are the
“Leaders we have been waiting for.” 

 Our Big Win is as soon as we are in our Circle and we
are playing the gift of being in a Circle forward.
Our win in life is not arriving at a point.
Our real win is living in the winning
process available in evolving

Enriching Integrity Circles.

The First County to honor the non-organization
movement for our time
 O.U.R. Holistic Renaissance
could be designated as the Sustainable Development
Capitol of O.U.R. world.

This honoring would be to create a First Priority Fund to
launch the region’s
 First Priority Bank for Humankind. 

This would fund Bio Regional Sustainable Real Estate
Development for OUR new model for Ecologically,
Sociologically, Economically Sustainable Villages built
in conjunction with a commercial organic farm with each
home having space for a garden.  The homeowners
would own the farm and the commercial buildings in the

The first phase along with the organic commercial farm
could be 
Holistic Renaissance lodge Health Retreat or
INN OUR Renaissance Spirit with meeting space and an
office for promoting not for profit organizations in the
regain.  The business in the community including the
bank could be operated in the Mondragon socially
sustainable business model.


 ”Do not wait for the leaders,
We are the leaders
we have been waiting for.”
–Hopi Prophecy 

“Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it.
Boldness has power genius and magic in it.”

–Many Authors