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             Intellectual Olympics: The Wisdom Games
                                              For Social Science Students

The Opportunity to Experience
the Evolving, Most Promising Program
for Freeing Our Vast Untapped Potential,
That Is the Foundation for Creating the
First Intellectual Olympics: The Wisdom Games



We are selecting 3 students from each campus at UCSD, SDSU and USD to participate in the first Intellectual Olympics competition.

These three students will each form their university team to participate in the first game that is to design the game. 

It is imperative that we exalt our applied social sciences for social responsibility.

We need tools for our applied social sciences equivalent to what the discovery of the microscope and electricity did for our applied physical sciences.

This game is being designed to be or to discover that tool.
Your participation is invited.


Participant Overview

The Health Optimizing Institute has an opportunity for one student from each Social Science department to participate in experiencing, evaluating and evolving the most promising program we know about for releasing more of the 90% of our potential Behavioral Scientists say we are not using.

This culminated the work of one our founders, Dr. Abraham Maslow.  In 1986 David J. Harris provided this first Developing Personal Potential program at  UCSD.  Then for six years it was provided at San Diego State University.

We could not sustain the release of the potential, so the Human Potential Movement just about faded away. We now believe we know how to free and sustain the release of our vast untapped personal potential.

After you participate in this two evening two day program for enhancing personal potential you will evaluate and evolve the Developing Personal Potential Program. After participating in the DPP program there will be an opportunity to develop the  Process for creating The Wisdom Games- The Intellectual Olympics for finding and implementing Applied Holistic Social Sciences for our imperative social responsiility

Pragmatically this involves our holistic initiatives to evolve ecologically, sociologically sustainable communities.

Our holistic approach envisions a student activist program creating FEM The Foundation for Evolving Management. Participating organizations are pledging to be expanding integrity management companies – evolving what that means.  These companies can be the sponsors of Wisdom Game Teams.  The intellectual Olympics.

This initiative is to bring vitally needed applied wisdom of our social sciences to business and our governance.

A conference of world leaders conducted by WBSI concluded that you can not have wisdom in corporations in that they are legally required to make a profit and the next quarter for earnings is the focus.  This has predominantly  eliminating the wisdom of ecological sustainability and long term planning and implementation for sustainability.  (See Crimes Against Nature by Robert Kennedy Jr.)

Thus our call is to bring together state of the arts enlightened self interest management and create sociological and ecological sustainable communities.