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Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management

Our first review of the Foundation for Evolving Citizens and Management prospectus has been made by Sanford R. Goodkin.

About Sanford R. Goodkinsanford-r-goodkin

 He has been involved in over $50 billion worth of real estate development and studies. He is the pioneer of residential master-planned communities.

Sanford Goodkin is listed in the California Building Industry Hall of Fame. He is an internationally known Analyst, Economist, Author and Futurist. He had major involvement with the President of Mexico concerning the largest real estate development that has ever happened in Mexico.

Sanford R. Goodkin’s Review of FECAM

“Sustainability is the most important force there is; it must be understood and defined…The Foundation for Evolving Management is a great idea who’s time has come…The Ultimate Game Plan for Love, hmm, that’s a big one, yet is is the only stepping stone to change the world.”

–Sanford R. Goodkin
Chairman/CEO, Sanford R. Goodkin & Associates / Goodkin Considine Strategies LLC


Sanford Goodkin’s full response to our FECAM Prospectus:

From: Sanford Goodkin
To: David Harris
Subject: Year 2020 Vision

Thank you for your patience and your goodness. I simply have no time to devote to discretionary possibilities, but your treatise is too important to simply set aside as another possibility. Here are some of my comments:

  • Sustainability is the most important force there is; it must be understood and defined;
  • The prospectus survey I am reading now, but may have to finish this later this evening;>>>>I finished it<<<<
  • The Foundation for Evolving Management is a great idea whose time has come, for trust is threatened with extinction by greed and the stupidity of media and its narrowness and control;
  • Enlightened self interest is, of course the way to make it happen, for spirituality in the business world is in demand, though many are self-conscious about agreeing that they are part of it, but they want to be; they need to be.
  • Of course, as Gandhi or Confucius said that we must invent the future we need and want and must have.
  • The Ultimate Game Plan for Love, hmm, that’s a big one, yet it is the only stepping stone to change the world. The tyrants make that risky with their terror and starvation of education in their lands.
  • I believe that a land owner in Baja could make this the experimental zone for the action of the initiative. The need is there, the team is there and the people would fall in love with it, and the gringo would participate.
  • The seal of participation is very good. Having a seal can lift the pride and visibility of the movement.
  • Seeing our incredible future, if handled well, can attract people and organizations, as long as it is divorced from outright eccentricity. It has to be communicated, not only in a lovely, loving way, but in a business (commercial manner) so that it has a credible appeal to businesses that are realizing that they must take part in the entire adventure into sustainability of the earth as well as their own organization! More will be learning this as fact for their future!

As to the Questionnaire: looks very good, “birthing the baby; the sustainability of the community, the region, the nation, the globe.”

I like part two as I read it.

I think we have to approach foundations and not the usual Chambers and Departments which have to make people believe that they are not wasting time or money and are pragmatic. But some should be contacted anyway. We can’t tell what great people and forces we may discover.



Thanks again for sharing and believing in me