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Sustainable Village 2020 Challenge
Prosperous Sustainable San Diego

Our Challenge is in response to what must be 
the most urgent pragmatic awareness of all time:

Embracing the Challenge can end our vast untapped
personal potential from being usurped by our being
freed from being victims or innocent bystanders
to the systems that are destroying us.
This is a key that needs dialogue.

This is our Challenge to see which County
can create a model ecologically sociologically
sustainable village worthy of emulation by other counties.  

What is our Year 2020 perfect vision
 for our sustainable future?

 Our Challenge:

“We are drifting towards a catastrophe beyond conception.
 We shall require a substantial new manner of thinking
if humankind is to survive.”  Albert Einstein  

 “You can not change reality by fighting it.
Create a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” 
 Buckminster Fuller

 Our Imperative Response is Creating 

Sustainable  Village 2020 Challenge
Prosperous Sustainable San Diego

 This could position San Diego being the
development capitol of the world.

The pragmatic action for this is to find donated
city, county, state, federal or private land to build
a model ecological sociological sustainable village. 

We have our first offer of pledged land in
Fallbrook on the border of Camp Pendleton. 

See the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Pomona College. 

What is our wisdom vision “new manner of thinking” for our model 

San Diego village being the most evolved sociologically and ecologically sustainable community. 

The model community could be built with high intensity proven organic food production and alternative energy and water sufficiency models.  Sociological modeling can include Mondragon proven socially prosperous sustainability. 

“New manner of Thinking” sustainable holistic education system:

This village can be an experiential holistic graduate educational system with a graduate program to position students to worki as apprentices with master builders of all aspects needed to build the ecologically sociologically sustainable community. 

Making this real is focusing on: 
Our “new manner of thinking” funding establishing

Our First Priority Fund
to launch our imperative mission and eventually establish our

 First Priority Rotary Ethics Bank for Humanity

with the North Dakota Citizen Benefit Bank model that for 90 years has been providing prosperity for North Dakota


We have a one million dollar matching grant fund Pledge to launch our First Priority Fund.

Amazingly you and I have all the funds

Needed as shown in our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

See the funds here.

End Taxes the Only Game In Town


Our Bank for Humanity

could  also enhance prosperity providing Community Currancy emulating Ithica New York Hours dollars.

It is envisioned creating San Diego being the first city to emulate the proven prosperity demonstrated by the citizen benefit bank of North Dakota that has been providing prosperity for ninety years.

This funding is First Priority in that if we do not fulfill the mission of the Fund we will soon not be able to fulfill other visions. 

The First Priority Fund is going all out for practical functional responses to the stated most profound pragmatic statements for our time by Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller.

The First Priority fund will position us to finding our answers to the greatest challenge of our time by launching our community initiative of San Diego creating an ecologically sociologically sustainable mode village worthy of being emulated by other communities. 

This answer to Einstein and Fuller can “create a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”  We can position San Diego being the Sustainable Development Capitol of the World.

What are we choosing? 

We predict our future so we can be prepared for what is coming.

Buckminster Fuller said it with the title of his book – Utopia or Oblivion

He shows that our choice is not something in-between.  We need to sign more on to voting for Utopia.  With business as usual most without knowing it are voting for Oblivion. 

What does it mean to be Relevant and On Point For Our Time?

The Big Question To Ask Ourselves.

In view of the reality that humanity has every major system in collapse, from our economy to our environment, including the family and at the same time we have absolutely everything technologically needed to create sustainable prosperity for all; what do we need to be doing right now to be relevant for our time and on point? 

Think about that question, and read it again, it is the big one.

When you come up with your answer own that you are part of humanity, so you qualify to have the greatest rewards life can offer by having the benefit of continually up-leveling what your answer is and taking action on your highest awareness of what it would be for you to be relevant for our time and on point from the standpoint of humanity.

To launch out Sustainable Village 2020 Challenge
we are creating Our San Diego Compassionate Leaders Council.

This Council will be the founding judges for the
College Intellectual Olympics Wisdom Games.

Our Challenge is our San Diego contribution to
The Charter of Compassion by establishing our
Compassionate Counties Campaign.

To see what Counties can create an Ecological Socialogical Sustainable Village
Worthy of Emulation by other Counties

Our San Diego entry into the Challenge

Consists of the following: 

  • Compassionate Leaders Council
  • First Priority Fund
  • Alodial Land Grant
  • Intelectual Olympics – Wisdom Games
  • The Foundation for Evolving Management
  • Compassionate Communication PR 

See: Living At A Ten

Good Conscience Seal of Participation
   Why create anything less than
Our Greatest Most Personal
Invitation for Each Other?