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About HOI


Our vision and mission is focused on freeing the vast untapped potential in the Cultural Creative leaders in our community. This is about being on our personal passionate paths and winning before we get there by living in the winning process found in Evolving Enrichment  Circles support groups. This is living our ultimate life adventure.

Our pledge is to discover, develop and make available the most effective programs for establishing optimal health. Optimal health is more than just diet, exercise and medical care. This is focusing on freeing our vast untapped personal potential.

Our History

The Health Optimizing Institute (HOI) is a nonprofit organization founded by David J. Harris and was formerly known as The National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential. The name was changed to The Health Optimizing Institute when our leader in the Human Potential Movement, Dr. Abraham Maslow, passed away.

HOI, along with The Mandala Society that David founded conducted the first Holistic Health Conferences with a medical school, the University of California San Diego. Each year for ten-years, approximately 3,000 health professionals participated in the conferences. Each conference provided participants with 30 to 40 different Holistic Health Workshops.

As a result of each conference came the Journals of Holistic Health and the Journal of Holistic Education with over 160 leaders and founders recorded in these journals. The journals provide the foundation for optimal health that is Holistic Health. Limited copies of these collector’s items are available for your library, and the content will be made available in electronic formats in the near future. Click here to purchase your set of journals.

We conducted the first National Holistic Education Conference with The University of California, San Diego in July 1979, including 31 workshops. The Conference was created by The Mandala Society and The National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential that is now The Health Optimizing Institute.

The title was “Mind: Evolution or Revolution? The Emergence of Holistic Education.” For six years the Holistic Education Conference was combined with the Mandala Holistic Health Conferences at the University of California, San Diego, with about three thousand professionals participating each year.

Out of this, came the Journal of Holistic Education and the observation that educators think they are teaching the basic three R’s: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. With Holistic Education the basic three R’s are Education for: Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life.

The focus of the Health Optimizing Institute is on Holistic Social Sciences. The focus of this work up to 2012 has been the developing personal potential program being evolved for maximum support. This is accomplished by offering Integrity Circles that provide the foundation for releasing our vast untapped personal potential.

With this, our MISSION fully supports establishing San Diego being a Model Evolving Caring Community that could inspire other communities to emulate it. Thus we are creating an advisory group of Cultural Creative leaders to provide our San Diego Compassionate County Campaign.

Where We Are

Physically, with our Giant Applied Physical Science and Technology, we have everything needed to create sustainable prosperity for all, yet we continue to self-destruct as a result of not creating the tools for us to grow the Baby Applied Social Sciences to match the Giant Applied Physical Science and Technology.

Applied Social Sciences contains the necessary social consciousness for sustainability, if it is effectively, holistically activated to match our physical sciences. It is not likely that we will survive without this.

It is now about finding the tools for the Social Sciences equivalent to what the discovery of the microscope and electricity did for the Physical Sciences and Technology.

A potential tool and a way to find tools for Applied Social Sciences is now being developed by the following combined elements (below). With holistic synergy providing the first tool to be presented in the first pass of the Modified Delphi Process for evolving new tools and then functionally implementing findings using new strategy.

This first pass of the process will be to evolve this tool and create other tools and design the Wisdom Games…The Olympics of the Mind… to establish implementation strategy and then actually provide the programs that can birth our new sustainable social systems.