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Health Optimizing Institute

To Receive and to Give

Why create anything less than Our Greatest Most
Personal Invitation for Each Other?


If we could give our heart, mind and spirit
it would be giving   you the Magic of

 OUR World’s
Greatest Match Making Service
For Sustainable Happiness
Freeing the greatest wealth on our planet:
OUR vast untapped personal potential
With OUR Proven evolving
Cornucopia Gift Launching
Devoted  Circles
That Are 
Enriching Integrity Circles
 Our Home Holistic Living Circles Circles
named whatever your group chooses,

Our Magical Cornucopia Gift  Launching when Played 
is not only free to give and receive, it provides funding for you.

This is an invitation to be romancing our ultimate life
adventure and win before we get there by living in our
personal winning process

Enriching Integrity Circles
Establishing Intentional Community

This is an essence-connecting group of devoted
true friends that are empowering each other to be
Actualizing Beings to be
Living our greatest life adventure and winning before we get there
by being in the winning process of our Magical
Cornucopia Launch

When asked
“What is the value of being in an Enriching Integrity Circle?”
some say “It is worth Everything!” Others say it is Priceless.

Being in an Enriching Integrity Circle
provides the two missing keys to freeing out vast
potential.  First it provides a support group to sustain
our enrichment. Then it provides our
 we are creating together so we know we are
participating in a plan that will provide
Sustainable Prosperity for All Over Our Pending
“… catastrophe beyond conception..” – Einstein

Enriching Integrity Circles

 Move us from a thing- oriented conflict and scarcity role
playing society of doing and getting that is not
sustainable to our prosperous for all cooperation and
abundance, authentic, sustainable, relationship-focused
society of devoted friends focused on empowering each
other and giving.

When we know we are not just making a
difference but being the difference, our self
esteem goes up, freeing our vast untapped
personal positive potential.

“Who serves best benefits the most.”- Rotary 

Social Cognitive Networks Research at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute,
America’s oldest technological
research university,
  found that when just 10 percent of
the population holds an
 unshakable belief then their
belief will always be adopted by the majority of the
society. One fourth of the American Population are
Cultural Creatives that can win civilization by being in

Sacred Circles

We Are All Living a Story. 
It is Time for a New Story before we self-destruct.
We were born into the dysfunctional
society of Conflict and Scarcity
that is Not Sustainable

Success and fulfillment are not
what we have been programmed to believe

There is no sustainable fulfillment in doing and getting. We
will never do or be enough for sustainable fulfillment, for this
is found in the opposite of how we are programmed.

Sustainable fulfillment comes from our beingness that brings
fourth our heartfelt, passionate creating and giving. Our lack
of sustainable fulfillment results from backward programming
in which most major things are outside in and most of us are
in identify crises. This puts society in a self-destruct mode. 

Many find that accepting this invitation and playing this
invitation forward
provides the worlds greatest, most fulfilling
profession. The best way to free our potential is to help others
free their potential. The best way to be empowered is to help
others to be empowered.

The greatest story yet to be told is freeing
our vast untapped potential

by BEING authentic friends getting
out of identity crises and backward, upside down,

outside In programming that is fatal.

Write down the names of the five people that you spend
the most time with.  This is your team, tribe or soul
family that is supporting you in creating your current life story.

What if your support group were devoted friends that
were all awakening, actualizing beings focused on
empowering each other because they know that to have
real power is to be an empower-er?   Ten percent must
choose this most wonderful required support if we are
to thrive or survive.

 You will find that the free evolving Enriching Integrity
 process opens us to the awakening enlightened
beings we are, freeing our vast potential and provides
an ongoing group of devoted friends for our Soul Team,
Tribe or Family, living in the winning process the group

Enriching Integrity Circles
Are Our Greatest GIFT
To Receive and Give

As soon as we are in our Circle
We have won the Game of Life

For we are in Our Winning Process

No  waiting, ecstatic and bliss in infinite vacillations all at the same time.
Living in warm happy heart forever each moment.  

Feeling the richness of laughing until we cry
and evolving  crying until we laugh.


How Our Greatest Invitation Was Created

In 1968, to provide the benefit of the leading work in releasing
personal potential, David Harris established the National Center
for the Exploration of Human Potential for promoting the work of
Dr. Abraham Maslow, Dr Herbert Otto, Dr. Gardner Murphy and
other leading behavioral scientists.

At The University of California San Diego and San Diego State we
trained hundreds of facilitators in our Developing Personal
Potential Program.

Our purpose was to create, find and develop the most effective
programs for releasing positive potential.

This was provided by The National Center for the Exploration of
Human Potential
that David Harris created with Dr. Herbert Otto.

Taking a holistic approach, David
changed the name and mission to the
The Health Optimizing Institute.

With The Mandala Society and The Health Optimizing Institute
David created, we provided the first Holistic Health conference
with a medical school (UCSD) in 1975. About 3,000 health
professionals attended each year. With the support of Dr. Howard
Hunt, we were able to provide the Holistic Health Conferences at
the university for ten years.

After David created the first National Conference on Holistic
Education in 1979, the last five years of the Holistic Health
conferences at UCSD always included Holistic Education.

 The Promise:
Our Greatest Invitation for each other.

 By: David J. Harris

The promise of the Human Potential Movement that birthed out
of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology was to free us to
have the greatest wealth on our planet – our vast untapped personal potential. 

One of our founders, Dr Abraham Maslow, was the father of the
Human Potential Movement.

He was a psychologist at Brandies University. Rather than study
sick people his approach was to study the most highly evolved
people and find out how their minds work. He realized that
psychology could make more progress by studying extraordinary
minds, rather than those that were impaired.

He studied Einstein and other gifted thinkers. It is interesting that
he studied Eleanor Roosevelt, who mothered creating our
Universal Declaration of Human Rights being part of our
Constitution. This creates our highest law giving us the missing
benefits of FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights.

Back in 1979, I would have just about bet my life that the
biggest thing going by the year 2000 would be the Human
Potential Movement freeing our vast untapped personal
potential. I would have lost

Now I predict that it will be the biggest thing going by the year
2020 and I am betting my life on it and so are you, most likely
without knowing it.

You will find that if we do not open to our vast untapped potential
and live our “substantial new manner of thinking” we will most
likely self-destruct. The Behavioral Scientists developed
amazingly powerful programs to free our vast potential. Maslow
told me that people do not use more than 2% of their potential.

When he published he said we use less than 10% of our potential.

I called him on it and he said it could not be measured that well
and he knew that if he said that we do not use more than 10% of
our potential the other behavioral scientists would not argue with
him and they did not.

In effect, we are missing 90% of our life. This means we are all
just muddling through, with the wealthiest of us muddling through
in style, not using enough social potential for survival. Our greatest
hope for a prosperous sustainable future just about faded away.

I did not hear anyone talking about it. However, we could not
sustain the release of potential in participants so we must have
thought our programs did not work. The programs did work.
Obviously when participants got back to their old environment
they were pulled back down to where they were.

Thus we are providing Enriching Integrity Circles
for ongoing support.

This is where we create our sacred safe space to be our
intimate authentic selves and have the power of relating and
supporting ourselves, each being the awakening,
actualizing leaders we truly are.

The second reason we could not sustain the release of our
potential is that when we feel really good about ourselves we can
release a lot of potential. When we do not feel very good about
ourselves we cannot release much potential.

Thus we release our potential in proportion to the height of
our self-esteem. When consciously or sub-consciously we feel
like victims or innocent bystanders to the systems that are
destroying us, how good can we feel about ourselves? About 2%
good about ourselves. So, Maslow could have stayed with his
original estimate of about 2% rather than using the figure
published saying we use less the 10% of our potential. Sometimes
it takes 20 years to discover the obvious.

With an evolving Enriching Integrity Circle, you can find that as
soon as you are in your support group with your Team, Tribe
or Soul Family of authentic awakening, actualizing beings you
can create your winning process; whatever that is for you personally.

Name your group whatever you like. Each person takes
responsibility for being the leadership to create maximum
support for all.

Our win is evolving under Agenda in our pending free book:

Establishing Pinnacles In Creation
UNBELIEVABLE “Self Evident Truth”
Claiming Our Greatest Gift and
Claiming Our Greatest Treasure. 

Now we can feel great about ourselves, allowing us to free our
vast untapped positive potential by knowing
we are no longer victims or innocent bystanders;
for we have joined with an unstoppable win:
Creating our First Priority Fund so we can create
OUR First Priority Bank for Humankind
to create O.U.R. EPIC Essence Space site media platform to
communicate OUR Holistic Renaissance
Happy Celebrating – Socializing for Social Responsibility

This positions us to build
Ecologically, Sociologically Sustainable Villages
and clusters of villages around bio-regional,
commercially viable, high-intensity organic farming.

Missing has been our sociological sustainability
we must provide if we are to thrive or survive.

 Now if we are to thrive or survive,
We Must Create
OUR Year 2020 perfect vision
Sustainable Growth Industry.
Our current real estate development is not sustainable

To Maximize the good feeling that
frees our vast potential
See OUR Health Optimizing Institute
New Vision and Mission

With this you will see that you are participating
in our choosing Available Sustainable Prosperity
for All Over Our Pending
“… catastrophe beyond conception” – Einstein

We can have OUR greatest elation, knowing that being
in OUR Circles
We are also insuring that O.U.R.

Non-Organization Movement


Flourishes and Wins Civilization
See “Something Is Coming”

Making our Mission Real 

With our highest awareness of honor and integrity,
we join together with all available means to honor the most dynamic
spirit – money- that is like the water of life.

Where the money goes, it flows and grows.
Where it is lacking, it is dying.

We start with a required blessing of this in our
First Priority Fund For Humankind becoming
The First Priority Bank For Humankind.

This is also promoting Citizen Benefit Banking
that, if activated, leaves no excuse
for not choosing available prosperity
for all over pending oblivion.

We are to evolve together, so we can have
the benefit of fully showing up in life
with our Soul Teams, Tribes and
Families who are Actualizing True Friends.

This is evolving to having everything on the line
for proving that the most fun, fulfilling, profitable
thing to be doing is creating
a world that works for all.  

“Who serves best benefits the most.”- Rotary

The tombstone on the body of humanity must not
read, “If we just had the money, we could have saved
humanity.” or

“I thought someone else was taking care of it. “There is no
shortage of money, Just a shortage of appropriately directed
money and a shortage of citizens knowing how money is
created and “… the leaders we have been waiting for.”

Answering this is found
in our third ongoing gathering about Healing Money Misery
and Mastering The Mystery of Money Experience.
Happy Celebrating – Socializing for Social Responsibility

If we are choosing to actually have the benefit of the greatest
wealth on our planet, our untapped personal potential, we
will open ourselves to receive what we need that is found in
the process of freeing our vast potential with our Teams,
Tribes or Soul Families found in evolving

Enriching Integrity Circles

The Bonding Empowering Experience
Launches our Ongoing Groups
without limits that never ends.

 Evolving Enrichment  Circles are for those who are
choosing to make the highest commitment to
themselves by having the power of

Ultimate Agreement
Creating with
 a group of authentic friends –
Soul Teams, Tribes or  Families.

There is nothing more empowering than

When you read the Ultimate Agreement, you will see that
if you upheld the agreement you would at a minimum
double your joy, pleasure and fulfillment in life.


It is unlikely that a person could have this ultimate
benefit without AN EMPOWERING group such as
Enriching Integrity Circles.

Of this process Dr. Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary General
of the United Nations for 40 years and first Chancellor
of the UN University for Peace, wrote: 

“The proposal is brilliant, original, a real breakthrough, an idea
whose time has come. Do not lose any more time in putting it
into practice………………….Indeed it is truly holistic idea,
an all-
encompassing, much needed renaissance.”

 The Ultimate Agreement follows:
You can create your own Preamble To the Agreement
The one below will work for most.

The Ultimate Agreement

This is an individual action commitment to consciously,
unceasingly act to express my highest awareness and
potential for myself and humanity.

This means consciously, unceasingly choosing to express
my highest awareness and potential, as an individual
contribution toward achievement of a world at peace, in
ecological balance, with Freedom, Justice and Plenty for All. 


1) To write down a practical plan to create my personal vision for
myself and for humanity; then put the plan into operation and be open
to receiving whatever support it takes to do this with a support group I
am co-hosting such as an evolving Enriching Integrity Circles.

2) To celebrate every day the fact that I am in my perfect right place
for my next stage of growth.

3) Each day I will reflect on how I am loving and accepting myself
more and how I am expressing more love to others.

4) To consistently engage in activities that develops and enhances
my body, mind, spirit and heart.

5) To constantly visualize or pray for a world of cooperation and
abundance and for continually expanding cooperation in my life.

6) To participate regularly in social action for improvement of my
community, country and for the healing of nations.

7) I will still love myself, even when I am unable to fully keep
this commitment.

I understand that by keeping this commitment I will receive personal
riches beyond my wildest dreams and be part of a plan that will
absolutely transform my world.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

For the Preamble to the Ultimate Agreement above that I
embrace and you may also, I put the following
statement after the above Preamble to
The Ultimate Agreement.

I acknowledge that this Transformation will not happen
without the personal transformation of a critical mass of
people. Thus, I hereby commit to making the necessary
personal transformation and to bring others into this network.

I am choosing to support having leaders who are no longer
coming from fear, scarcity and greed; but are transforming to
come from love, abundance and cooperation.

I pledge to be that new leadership by keeping the following
personal and global Transformation Commitment Statement:

Only you can determine what the ultimate is for you. 
If you like it, use what is added here and add your own
embellishment before and or after your Ultimate Agreement
and keep your Ultimate Agreement  with your
Enrichment Journal About Your New Story for your life. 

The following is vital embellishment after the end of the

I choose to take advantage of and see to it that everyone
I bring into my support group, hosts a group and takes
advantage of keeping their Ultimate Agreement, and
receives the following benefits of our support groups:.

1. A support group of actualizing people to celebrate and
play with while creating a world that works for all.

2. The opportunity to create new vocations and profitable
sustainable ventures reflecting our personal passionate paths.

3. Support each participant as a creator of the Enrichment
Program  benefiting from how we are living and evolving our
practical action plan to create a sustainable, prosperous future.

To Activate The Ultimate Agreement,
our Matrix for Manifestation is provided.

OUR Pragmatic Win For Having
The Full Empowerment
The Ultimate Agreement Provides
Is Opened With

Enriching Integrity Circle’s
Accelerated Bonding Experience
To launch Ongoing Gatherings 

This is a coming together without limits
that never ends. For this is this greatest really Being
Together Adventure about getting it together by
choosing to be an Actualizing Being.

We cannot earn being an Actualizing Being.
We can only choose it.
This we have supporting each other in our Circles. 

This positions us to free our vast personal potential
that is the greatest wealth on our planet.

First we bond in our Circles, making a difference. Then
we evolve to being the difference in our O.U.R. Home
Holistic Living, focused on Giving -Sustainable Fulfillment

Then we evolve to being the difference in O.U.R. Home
Holistic Living, focused on Giving that is Sustainable

What is Missing IN OUR LIVES? Nothing is missing, all of
existence unavoidably exists.  Missing is our
AWARENESS of SERVICE and what we TRULY be.

Who serves best benefits the most” –Rotary Motto

Awareness Is Showing Up.

Awe Wakening Activated Reverence
Embracing New Enlightened Sacred Service

Why give less than our highest awareness of service?  

Lewis Carol said ” A deep secret in life is that the only thing
really worth doing in life is what we do for others.”

Who Gives you Permission?

Unavoidable truly Be- connected to Source
Showing Up Before we Blow Up. 

Calling for nothing short of totally- fully supporting
and empowering each other with
Unconditional Reverent Love Without Apologies.

Yes, it is time to come vital alive and be
1. ”extremely bold or daring, brave, fearless. 2. extremely original;
without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive: an audacious vision
of the city’s bright future.”

Sustainable Village 2020 Perfect Vision
Come Fully Alive  Also See:
New Vision and Mission of Health Optimizing Institute

Each of us is the leader of our own life,
Thus each of us in our Circle is the leader.

This is not for everyone.
If you are a Humanitarian, Cultural Creative Choosing to
be with those that are empowering each other to be the
leaders we have been waiting for, then this is for you.

“Do not wait for the leaders. We are the leaders
we have been waiting for.” –Hopi Prophecy

Enriching Integrity Circles
Are Our Greatest GIFT
To Receive and Give

As soon as we are in our Circle
We have won the Game of Life
For We Are In Our Winning Process

If we could give you our heart, mind and spirit
it would be handing you this Invitation
for you to ask for support of our Magical
Cornucopia Gift Launch in creating
evolving Enriching Integrity Circle