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The Foundation Service of HOI

The Promise:
Our Greatest Invitation for Each Other


By: David J. Harris

This is about living our greatest life adventure and winning before we get there, by living in the winning process found in Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles. These are support groups provided for our humanitarian leaders.

The promise of the Human Potential Movement that birthed out of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology was to free us to have the greatest wealth on our planet – our untapped personal potential.

I would have just about bet my life that the biggest thing going by the year 2000 would be the Human Potential Movement. I would have lost. Now I predict that it will be the biggest thing going by the year 2020 and I am betting my life on it and so are you, most likely without knowing it.

You will find that if we do not acknowledge our vast untapped potential, we will most likely self-destruct. The Behavioral Scientists developed amazingly powerful programs to free our vast potential. In effect, we are missing 90% of our life. This means we are all just muddling through, with the wealthiest of us, muddling through in style, not using enough social potential for survival. We must bring our applied baby social sciences up to par with our giant applied hard sciences and technology if we are to stay in evolution.

Our greatest hope for a prosperous sustainable future just about faded away. I did not hear any one talking about it. However we could not sustain the release of potential in participants, so we must have thought our programs did not work. The programs did work. Obviously when participants got back to their old environment they were pulled back to their old habits.

Thus, we are providing Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles.
 for ongoing support. Write down the five people you spend the most time with.
This is your team, tribe or soul family for living your vision and mission in life. Is your group supporting you as authentic selves true friends that are awakening, enlightened beings focused on empowering your greatest life adventure?

With Evolving Enriching Integrity Circles you can find that you are living your ultimate life adventure and winning before you get there. We are always in a process, so our victory is staying in the winning process. You can find this as soon as you are in your support group. This is with authentic, true friends, awakening, enlightened beings where you can create your winning process; whatever that is for you personally. 

There is one more key factor missing for being able to embrace and free our vast potential. When we feel really good about ourselves, we can release a lot of potential. When we do not feel so good about ourselves, we cannot release much of our potential. We need one more suppoet:

Ending Our Big Block Which Is Keeping Us
from Accessing Our Vast Potential

When we feel real good about ourselves we can release a lot of our potential.  When we do not feel reely good about ourselves we can not free much potential.  When we are consciously or subconsciously feeling like victims or innocent by-standers to the systems that are destroying us how good can we feel about ourselves? About 2%? That is what potential Dr. Maslow told me we are using. When he published, he said that we were not using more than about 10% of our potential. So, I called him on it and he said that our potential could not really be measured that well and he did not think any of the other behavioral scientists would argue with him that we use less than 10% of our potential, and they did not. With my explanation, he could have stayed with the 2% estimate of how much potential we are using.

Our support groups are participating in The First Priority Fund purpose that makes it possible for all of us participating to have the greatest satisfaction, knowing we are no longer victims or innocent bystanders to the systems that are ending humanity. We can know we are creating our Wisdom World with our Soul Teams, Tribes or Families. We are not just making the difference we are being
the difference.

How Our Ultimate Invitation Was Created:

In 1968, to provide the benefit of the leading work in releasing personal potential, I established the National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential. The purpose was promoting the work of Dr. Abraham Maslow, Dr Herbert Otto, Dr. Gardner Murphy and other leading behavioral scientists.

At the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University we trained hundreds of facilitators in our Developing Personal Potential Program.  Our purpose was to create, find and develop the most effective programs for releasing positive potentialThis was provided by The National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential that I co-founded with Dr. Herbert Otto. Taking a holistic approach, I changed the name and mission to: The Health Optimizing Institute.

The Health Optimizing Institute

With The Health Optimizing Institute and The Mandala Society I created, we provided the first Holistic Health Conference with a medical school (UCSD) in 1975. With the support of Dr. Howard Hunt, we were able to provide the Holistic Health Conferences at the university for ten years. After conducting the first National Conference on Holistic Education in 1979, the last five years of the Holistic Health Conferences at UCSD always included Holistic Education. About 3,000 health professionals attended each year.

Together, we can embrace our highest visions with our teams, tribes or soul families found in evolving Enriching Integrity Circles. We can choose to be graciously grandiose, living in the power and fulfillment of our highest truth that is our loving, authentic self.

If we are choosing to actually have the benefit of the greatest wealth on our planet, our untapped personal potential, we will open ourselves to receive what we need that is found in the process of freeing our vast potential.
This is found in Evolving Enrichment Circles.

 Our challenge, in order to thrive or survive, is to apply the enlightened self-interest of social intelligence and the applied wisdom of the Rotary Three Mottos and The Four Way Test to our misguided governance.

 “Who serves best benefits the most.”
and “Service above Self.”  Rotary Internartional Mottos

A mission of The Health Optimizing Institute is to fulfill what we see as the greatest service – freeing the greatest sustainable wealth on our planet by freeing our authentic selves. This frees vast untapped personal potential. 

We are providing this gift of freeing our vast potential for  humanitarians who are the treasures in our community, and who will determining if we will have a sustainable future or any future at all.

Being in an Evolving Enrichment Circle

provides the two missing keys to freeing out vast potential.
First, it provides an empowering  support group of true friends to sustain our enrichment.  Then, it provides our Evolving Agenda we are creating together so we know we are participating in a plan that will claim the wisdom and wealth of our Constitution. Being really relevant for our time raises our self-esteem. And embracing our sacred honor creates a wonderful feeling as we free our vast potential, allowing us to live in our winning process and l
iving our life at a “Ten.”

On a Scale of One to Ten Living  Our Life at a Ten

We can find that when we are living in our personal winning process we are living life at a Ten. When you receive our complementary Fullness of Fulfillment Assessment, that will open the door to what we feel is life’s greatest adventure.

If we are not living our ultimate life adventure and winning before we get there, we are not free, so we are not living at the ultimate level. This is freeing our authentic self that frees our vast untapped personal potential.

For inspiration about established, enlightened self-interest
sociological sustainability, we need to embrace:

The Charters of Freedom and Fulfillment

Reading those charters and embracing them with our hearts can bring us fully alive, accessing our vast potential that behavioral scientists say we are not using.

                               “Do not wait for the leaders.
                                        We are the leaders
                                    we have been waiting for.”
                                                          –Hopi Prophecy

“Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it.
Boldness has power, genius and magic in it.”

Enriching Integrity Circles
Are Our Greatest GIFT
To Receive and Give

As soon as we are in our Circle
We have won the Game of Life
In that we are living in
O.U.R. Winning Process

Flyer for Creating Your Group