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Honored Visionaries

Highest Honor to Our Treasures in San Diego

Individuals Creating Caring Community 

The Health Optimizing Institute is pledging for San Diego to be a leader in the International Campaign to support the Charter of Compassion. The following is a list of recommend San Diego citizens to be honored:

  • Anthony Robbins
  • David Herrara
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Deborah Zecholay
  • Dr. Howard Hunt
  • James Hubbell
  • Ken Blanchard
  • Louise Hays
  • Sanford R. Goodkin

We welcome your recommendation for those to be honored.


About Sanford R. Goodkin

sanford-r-goodkinOur first review of our Foundation for Evolving Citizens and Management prospectus has been made by Sanford R. Goodkin. He has been involved in over $50 billion worth of real estate development and studies. He is the pioneer of residential master-planned communities.

Sanford Goodkin is listed in the California Building Industry Hall of Fame. He is an internationally known Analyst, Economist, Author and Futurist. He had major involvement with the President of Mexico concerning the largest real estate development that has ever happened in Mexico.  

Sanford R. Goodkin’s Review of FECAM

“The Foundation for Evolving Management is a great idea who’s time has come…The Ultimate Game Plan for Love, hmm, that’s a big one, yet is is the only stepping stone to change the world.”

–Sanford R. Goodkin
Chairman/CEO, Sanford R. Goodkin & Associates / Goodkin Considine Strategies LLC