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Preparing For
Choosing Our Greatest Gift

To Give and Receive

Enriching Integrity Circle
Accelerated Bonding Experience
Co-Hosts Preparing For Your
Group of eight to ten
This loving bonding experience is designed so anyone
with their Co-Host can read the process to the group and
go through the experiences with the group.
There Are No Observers. All Are Participants.

You will gather in your home or Co-hosts home for your
opening evening bonding experience. It is good
for this to be where you will gather for your evening and
following full day bonding and for On Going Groups.
Be sure everyone has a list of names, emails and phone
numbers of group members.

All you need to launch your group can be free. How this is
possible is revealed in the Mastery of the Mystery of Money
experience in the Third Ongoing Gathering your group will be
scheduling along with all Ongoing Gatherings.

At the time you consummate creating your group at
The HOI First Priority Fund web site you can request the
Cornucopia Gift that has all you will need.

Any pair can just read the experiences going through the
experiences with the group. There are no observers.
The experiences look very simple. They are and they are fun.
At the same time they are very powerful for bonding your
group and freeing your potential.

When your full group is signed in at the First Prioriy
Fund on the HOI web site you will receive The Cornucopia Kit
This includes the Book with the Bonding Experiences in them
and Ten Journals so each person can record their bonding
experiences and their New Life Story of winning the game of
life. The Journals will be given to Circle Participants at the
beginning of the  Bonding Evening before the Full Day
Experience. This is our first Journal Entry writing our Old
Story Movies up to this point in our life.

Launching Opening Bonding Experience

It is Vital For Co-Hosts to contact each person
and be sure they bring their Calendar,
so we can establish the Dates for
The Evening and following Full Day
Bonding and the Dates for the First Four
On Going Bonding Gatherings following.

The group may want to rotate
gatherings at each others homes.
Remind all that we will have a Pot Luck
dinner prior to the full days experience with Pot Luck
lunch the next day. Be sure all know about this and will
be providing wholesome food that is organic if possible.

We are dedicating one evening or afternoon
or morning a week for OUR
Bonding Devoted Friends Ultimate Empowerment.
Always with a Wholesome Pot Luck

Our Presented Schedule
is minimum to give for
Our Sustainable Ultimate.

Each person is the experienced leader of their life, so each person is the Leader
of the group, choosing to be an example of best friend empower all in the group.

In that each person is the leader they must be at each meeting to oversee it.

The only reason for not being at scheduled
Gatherings is that you are in the hospital or in jail.

Power of Essence Love
Devotion must now be Claimed.
First we must Claim Essence Love
For Our Self. This takes Devoted
Soul Team, Tribe or Family.

Our Aspiration Can Be Choosing to living
in an Ecological, Sociological, Sustainable
Village built around a major organic farm
with those living there being in evolving
Enriching Integrity Circles
Establishing Intentional Communities

Ongoing Gatherings
Are Ongoing Bonding

This Is a Coming Together
Without Limits That Never Ends
For Those Choosing Their Sustainable Win

Rotary International Motto 2016/17 is
“Be a Gift To Our World.”

First, We Be A Gift To Our Self And Our Group
by Being Evolving Devoted Friends, Supporting Each
Other Being Actualizing Beings Empowering Each
other for giving our Greatest Gift to Our World
by Fulfilling Our Greatest Altruistic Desires.

We are Supporting Each of Us Being
“The Leaders We Have Been Waiting For.”
We all support each of us evolving our “new manner of
thinking” Holistic Leadership Model, supporting all
being the combined leader of our Groups.

Preparing Details For

Enriching Integrity Circle
Opening Evening
Bonding Experience

This is Five Pairs of Co-Hosts

This is your home empowering group to support you in
Co-Hosting a group supporting your mission and
purpose in life. Our Integrity is Pairs Playing the
bonding experience forward, Co-Hosting a new group of
friends or being Focalizer for a new group ensuring that
all Pairs in the new group Co-Host a Group that will be
launched with The Opening Evening followed by an
Evening continuing for the full next day.

This is choosing to relate to each other as our highest
awareness of what we be. We all support each person
choosing to be an Actualizing Being taking leadership
responsibility where we are being the “leaders we have
been waiting for.”
We cannot earn being an Actualizing Being; we can only
Choose It. This we support each other choosing.

It is not enough to make a difference.
If we are to thrive or survive it is imperative
that at least Ten Percent of our population
Be O.U.R. Unshakable Caring Society.
That is O.U.R. Tipping Point.

Where We Are and What We Can BE

The terminal dysfunctional society we were
born into has our leaders being led by the
flawed systems we inherited.
This is our Conflict and Scarcity
Getting Society That is role playing
thing-focused, treating people as things.

When we know that we are no longer a victim
or innocent bystander of the systems that are destroying us,
our self-esteem goes up, opening us to the greatest wealth
in our world – our untapped personal positive potential.

We Are Choosing to support
each other being Actualizing,
Devoted, Empowering Friends
Coming Together
Without Limits That Never Ends


There are no observers. The Co-Hosts are
participating with the group. All are participants.

The flow of the gatherings is very important.

At all gatherings, after the pot luck, respect the gathering time
for the group. This is essential for our sacred time together.

Being on time for the Gathering Circle after the potluck
is honoring one another and vital for bonding.
It is VITAL to have an agreed set time for
the opening and ending of the Circle
gathering after the Pot Luck

The co-hosts present the processes for the Circle and
participate along with the Circle going through the processes
themselves, no matter how many times they have experienced
the Bonding Processes.

For All Circle Gatherings

It is important for all gatherings to include a healthy pot
luck that is organic, if possible.

It is very important for everyone to know that we honor
each other by all being present at the Circle
gathering time after the pot luck.

It has worked out very well having the pot luck from six
to seven in the evening with the group starting promptly
at seven.

Again, arriving on time for all gatherings after the pot luck is
considered sacred time to be honored.

Again: This is choosing to relate to each other as our
highest awareness of what we be. We all support each
person taking leadership responsibility.

The first three weekly Ongoing Gatherings after the full
day Empowering Bonding Experience is provided for
you. All you need to do is read and follow. After that the
group will determine how often and where they
meet. You will establish your agendas for your ongoing
group process with your Circle group.

Proven recommendations for this are provided.

Again: The Bonding Experiences provided look simple and they
are. At the same time the results are dynamic, powerful and fun.

When each pair in your Home Circle play it forward and are
providing another Circle, Then all in your Circle can experience
the Serendipity Experience Where most can say,
“I now possess my personal ultimate.”
Also this is where we reveal Mastering the
Mystery and Magic of Money

Playing our gift forward is the power that creates our new
system replacing the old obsolete system. Moving from a Thing
Oriented, Getting, Unsustainable Society to a Relationship
Focused, Sustainable, Giving Society of Kindness and Wisdom,
with abundance for all.

Pairs will become Co-Hosts. They will be receiving
the Enriching Integrity Circle Experiences Book at the
completion of the usually Weekend Empowering Bonding
Experience, so you can play it forward, creating your group.
Other consecutive days other than a weekend will work for a
group that needs this.

Enriching Integrity Circles Journal
for recording your experiences
The Cornucopia Gift That Provides
The Experiences


Use the Journal to record your new manner of
thinking and your new life story.

Always bring it with you to your support group.
and Record Your New Personal Life Story,
celebrating freeing your vast potential with your
Devoted Authentic Friends.

Provided here is the World’s Happiest, Greatest Profession –
An Enriching Integrity Circle Co-Facilitator or Focalizer.

Finding Your
Soul Team, Tribe or Family

This is the ultimate matchmaking adventure for sustainable
fulfillment and this process of finding your group launches your

You can request a Focalizer of Enriching Integrity
to support you in finding and launching your group.

Our Most Important Choosing
It is imperative that we discerningly choose who we would like to have
as a Devoted Fried. A sociological study showed that a group does not
move towards the highest member of the group. It moves towards the
least evolved member. I hope this is not true. To participate, be sure
that those in your Circle are humanitarians that are Cultural Creatives.

It is helpful to Download and have all fill out the “Are you a Cultural
Creative?” Survey. This way, you will know you are Bonding with
awakening Actualizing Beings becoming Enlightened Beings.

It is important that all are in agreement that
if we cannot really prove something like the existence of a Supreme
Diety or who we really are, we agree to support each other accepting the
belief that is the most empowering? Life is about expressing life and we
only express life to the extent we are empowered.


In the Invitation to Participate,
a way to find your group was presented
that is also in the Invitation Flyer.

Following is this
fun, fulfilling, sure
Invitation Process
For Creating
That Launches Bonding
Our Enriching Integrity Circles
of Devoted Actualizing Friends

Sustainable Fulfillment is assured being Co-Hosts with
integrity, supporting all playing the gift forward.

First, Find Your Co-Host
It is important fo Give an invitation flyer to a few
potential devoted friend Co Hosts

Invite them to read the invitation at the HOI web site.

When your potential true friend has studied the invitation at
the HOI Web Site, discuss what they found and if they get it,
would they like to choose their ultimate benefit and be a
Co-Host with you and create an empowering group of true
friends. Always have several people you are choosing by giving
them the invitation. As initiator, You will be choosing two
people. Others will choose one person.

This is to our greatest benefit by making our ultimate
commitment to ourselves to be free and empower each other to
be the empowering “leaders we have been waiting for.”
We are all choosing to go through the bonding experience
together, where we all choose to own being Actualizing Beings
so we can empower each other.

Now we start our Bonding Process with our Co-Host
and one person they bring in and one person you bring in.
Plan for the four of you to spend a morning or afternoon and
have lunch together.

It would be important to have a pot luck lunch at one of the
Co-Host’s homes where your Enriching Integrity Circle will be
meeting. Our bonding of the first four of your 8 to 10
member Circle starts at this lunch, agreeing that when we
gather we are in our sacred, secure, confidential space for
sharing and supporting each other.

Before this lunch together, share the bonding
Fullness of Fulfillment Experience and The introduction to
” Mystery and Magic of Money Experience” that can be down
loaded from This starts bonding and Healing the
Misery of Money. Be sure to have each person download and
fill out their Fullness of Fulfillment to share with each other.
Be sure all read the New Vision and Mission of HOI at the web
site so it can be discussed at the Opening Evening.

As in all the Accelerated Bonding Experiences, the Co-Hosts
will read the experiences, going through it with the group.

Before this first bonding gathering of four, be sure that each
person opens a personal bank account for their not-for-profit
altruistic work.

At this first gathering, consummate choosing this greatest gift
to give and receive by assisting each participant in going into
O.U.R. First Priority Fund site.

This is O.U.R. First Priority Fund growing to provide O.U.R.
First Priority Bank For Humankind. At this site all four open
your First Priority not-for-profit Investment Account and
register your personal Altruistic Discretionary Funds bank
account, so every month funds can be put in this account that
you opened prior to the gathering. As soon as a pair in your
Circle has played the gift forward providing an Enrichment
Circle, the funds they are donating each moth will be put in
their Discretionary Account for their Altruistic spending.

When you launch your group with all pairs having their
accounts, the funds you and your Co-Host donate each
month will be put in your personal Discretionary accounts
and the Investment Account. at O.U.R. First Priority Account’s.

Later, you will see from this that with the investment account
we will be accumulating funds to create the First Priority Bank
for Humankind to fund the sustainable not-for-profit real
estate investment Sustainable Village 2020 Perfect Vision in the
County of the First Priority Fund.

To have a home or business in the Sustainable Village 2020
Vision may require being in an evolving Enriching Integrity Circle.
That creates the sociological sustainability of the Village.
We aspire to and choose to live in an ecological sociological
sustainable village built in conjunction with a major organic
farm with those that are choosing to be Actualizing Beings.

This gets us off the conscious or sub-conscious list of being
victims or innocent bystanders to the systems that have us in
self-destruction. We are fulfilling our altruistic needs so that
we can be Actualizing Beings,

This feel good integriy frees our vast potential.

This creates our greatest gift to give and receive, being free
as a result of Mastering the Magic and Mystery of Money.

This supports our top hierarchy of needs being filled – our
Altruistic needs. Then we can choose to be an Actualizing
Being, opening the opportunity to be empowered in our
evolving Enriching Integrity Circle living as Vitalized
Actualizing Beings freeing our vast untapped personal

Each Co-Host will decide how much money each month will be
automatically deposited from each person into their First
Priority Fund accounts.
It is necessary for all to be making the same commitment.
It is recommended that it be at least $500.00 dollars per month.
All will be more happy if it is much more. In my group we will
each provide one thousand dollars per month. Each person
can put as much money as they like into their investment account.

Participating in Rotary, one will contribute about one
thousand dollars per month for altruistic purposes.

After you and your Co-Hosts have all pairs in your Circle
hosting a group, you and your group will be invited to
the Serendipity Experience where most experience being
able to say, “I am now the proud possessor of my personal

This is supporting filling our top hierarchy of needs for giving
that opens the door for being an actualizing being, freeing our
vast untapped positive potential- our greatest wealth.

How we provide what many feel is priceless and worth
everything free, providing service and material will be revealed
in: Mastering the Mystery of Money Experience.
That is part of The Serendipity Experience.

This is where the Co-Hosts of the group that each pair in
their circle hosting a group can becomes a Dr. of Enriching
Integrity by taking each of the pairs in their Circle through the
Serendipity Experience when every Co Host in their circle is
playing our gift forward.

The Magic of the Serendipity experience is not written. The
process is passed on through experience.

At this time when you are experiencing the serendipity
experience all the funds your group is donating each
month will be going directly into their personal discretionary
account for them to spend as they like for their altruistic

For you as Co-Hosts, from the day you launch your group,
you will be able to direct all the funds you are donating.

We will all be supporting each pair in our Circle playing it
forward and providing another Circle by being in it or
being a Coach or Focalizer to ensure the pairs all play the gift
forward by providing another Circle. This playing our gift
forward is required integrity for creating our sustainable society.

|          |
OO         OO
|                    |
OO          OO

The Fullness of Fulfillment experience and the
Mystery of Money experience is at TAB 1
in the Experiences Journal. This is the first bonding

There are three copies of the Fullness of Fulfillment
Experience in that this Experience is repeated every
three or four months, our until all are living at a Ten.

On a scale of One to Ten, with Ten being the highest,
this is about living life at a Ten.
This is often consummated at our
Serendipity experience

* * * * * *

Mastering the Mystery and Magic of Money
This may be our greatest opportunity and challenge.

Mastering Money is securing our top hierarchy of needs that
are our altruistic needs.

The Magic is that when we have chosen to be an Actualizing
Being and we can only choose it. – we cannot earn it.
This is securing our Survival Needs – Security Needs – Self-
Esteem Needs – Belonging Needs – Esthetic Needs – and our
Altruistic needs. They need to be secured in that order.

Fulfilling our top need, our Altruistic needs, opens the Magic
of money and opens solving the Mystery. Thus, when we are
focused on our Altruistic needs we can be an Actualizing
Being, opening us to have the benefit of our vast untapped
personal potential. This opens us to being an Actualizing,
Awakening, Enlightened Being.

Vital, Vibrant, Coming Alive with our healing about
money with O.U.R. First Priority Fund growing to provide
O.U.R. First Priority Bank For Humankind.
OUR Third Ongoing Circle Bonding Gathering is about
Money Mastery by healing our
Misery of Money and have the Magic of Money by
Understanding the Spirit of Money and how it is created and directed.

Following is the foundation for the experience:
Our lives and life on our planet depend on us breaking our spell about money and our governance.
Amazingly, this must be our subconscious taboo.
It is as though we dare not talk or write about what
money is and how it is created and directed.

We look at the spirit money before we break this terminal spell
in our Ongoing Third Gathering after our Accelerated
Bonding Experience.

It is imperative that we see money as possibly our most
mystical, spiritual, misunderstood power on our planet. At the
same time, money is our most practical power for fulfilling
what life is about. This is most practical, for with this
awareness it will be easy to end our self-destruction.

Life is about creating, giving and receiving. We thrive or just
survive based on money moving goods and services.
There is no shortage of money just a shortage of appropriately
directed money. Now we can direct it with our First Priority
Fund becoming our First Priority Bank for Humankind.

There is no shortage of raw material with what we know about
recycling and we have not even scratched the surface of two
thirds of the earth surface under our oceans. There is no
shortage of technology or willing workers. There is only a
shortage of aware citizens about how money is created and directed.

Amazingly, sustainable fulfillment is not in what we can get.
It is in what we can create and give.
This giving and receiving is what life is about.

“Who serves best benefits the most.” – Rotary

When we had the barter system, it was very difficult for
prolific giving and receiving that is life-expressed.

With a barter system, we could not have bartered things
to provide what was needed to create automobiles and
airplanes and the amazing technology that connects us
to people all over the world. With the barter system we
could not have gone to the moon, proving that the sky is
not the limit.

When people find out how money is created, their minds are
repelled and they can no way believe it.

*** *** *** ***

Provided here is the World’s Happiest, Greatest Profession –
An Enrichment Circle Co-Host or Focalizer

Be sure to Read:
The vision and mission of
The Health Optimizing Institute

This Is Our Call For All To:
Break The Spell
Discover The Obvious
Wake Up Rich and Secure
In Every Regard

As soon as we are in an Enrichment Circle
we can experience our sustainable win,
for we will have all we need to be our winning process.

♥ ♥ ♥
Start your adventure of discovering your Group

Also, you can ask for a Focalizer Support
of Enriching Integrity
To Support Creating Your Group
Who gives you Permission and who
is the leader of your life?

You can be confident that you are successful
in that each person is pledging to be devoted
to the combined leadership in the group being the
“Leaders we have been waiting for.”


To Register For Your Group Sign in at the First Priority
Fund At This Link

We are compelled to be lovingly Embracing Self –Esteem and
Enlightened Self-Interest. This is easy – ESIESI