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FECAM Prospectus

Health Optimizing Institute
Prospectus on Creating A Healthy Profit
Expanding Visions and Ethics for Management

Partnership in Pride

Good Conscience Seal of Participation

The next major sustainable growth industry can result
from this initiative and launching event, creating the
Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management


Executive Summary
Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management 

The acronym FECAM is appropriate in that
this initiative warrants the biggest FEE we can create and a CAM
 is a mechanical device to change the direction of energy.

We have the strategy for this to launch the next major sustainable growth industry. That is about being relevant and on point for our time, for if we do not change the direction of energy we are mandating economic, ecological and or nuclear self-destruction.

Success in creating this initiative is assured, using a modified Rand Corporation Delphi Process (described after the last page of this Executive Summary).

This is an invitation to explore being one of the “Fortunate Fifty” organizations that will have the benefits listed below for pledging to launch The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management, FECAM.

A survey such as the one attached can establish what an organization needs to be doing to be an expanding integrity organization, receiving all the benefits that need to be provided by this new foundation.

We are addressing the reality that eventually without evolving corporate integrity and social responsibility there will be no viable environment, nor customers to do business with!

Thus, it is imperative that the organizations that are pledging expanding integrity to assure our prosperous sustainable future will have the greatest support possible.

Therefore, the not-for-profit association that can be established – The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management, will ensure that participating organizations thrive and survive in the perilous times ahead.

By necessity, we need to be establishing the most positive, powerful, public relations program support possible for companies founded on sound progressive, corporate, social investing.

FECAM Will Ensure That Participating Organizations Have the Following Benefits

  • The most powerful and effective organization and health promotion programs, using a whole systems, organic approach. This means having the most effective programs for releasing the full potential of employees.
  • This, along with FECAM providing the most prestigious, powerful PR program possible, will inspire people to patronize participating organizations, work for these organizations and invest in them.

All will know these organizations because they will display the Good Conscience Seal of Participation and be spotlighted on The Greatest Good News TV Channel: 

Year 2020 Vision – Seeing Our Incredible Future”

Or  “Treasures of Our Destiny”  Or “How Civilization Was Won.” 

We can establish the “Fortunate Fifty” organizations to launch the creation of the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management.

We can start by accepting pledges from organizations desiring to be in the founding group. When fifty organizations are pledged, we can formalize our creation with a celebration.

A proprietary strategy follows that can birth FECAM and establish a true EPIC public relations program.

In addition to the benefits of this launch of the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management, participating organizations will have the opportunity to own the next major sustainable growth industry.

Owning the Foundation for a Healthy, Sustainable Profit

It is now well established that if there is a future, the leading organizations of our future will be high integrity, organic learning organizations. Relatively speaking, very few organizations have been able to make this transition to profitable sustainability. Thus our economy is not profitable sustainable. Organizations that are not moving forward to be high integrity organic learning organizations are consciously or unconsciously choosing to phase out of business.

The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management is focused on moving integrity from obscurity to prominence. This means evolving from organizations designed for obsolescence to organizations that are designed for profitable sustainability.

It is obvious that most companies are coming from ego integrity. This means they operate with greed, money and power as the bottom line.

The results of predominantly ego integrity-driven companies are that they are operating on win/lose agendas that obviously create losses. Eventually, all the losses catch up with us.  This explains why every major system, from the economy to the ecology, including the family unit, is under self-destruct.

The essence integrity, organic learning organizations, among other things, operate with people and relationships as the bottom line with high priority in creating meaningful, sustainable employment. The ethics of these companies are triple win: We win, they win and our planet wins.  And triple bottom line: Planet, People and Profit.

History shows that what is most synergistic and symbiotic stays in evolution.

Enlightened Self-Interest

There are now enough corporate leaders with enlightened self-interest to establish The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management. Getting down to the essence of what is happening, we find that it is about spirituality in business. Companies are being transformed by allowing and even encouraging spirit in business. 

With downsizing and globalization, there is a dynamic need to release the potential of employees. Employees are now looking for more than just money. Companies are not just starting to condone new ethics, they are encouraging it, because it opens creativity and promotes stability. 

Numerous MBA programs now offer courses on spirituality in the workplace. Hundreds of books on workplace spirituality are in bookstores. There is a growing movement across the country, putting people first and promoting spiritual values in the workplace. This is creating increased productivity and profitability, as well as more fulfilled employees.

This change has been slowly growing for the past twenty years. This is resulting in what we call Holistic “organic learning organizations” taking the place of the old top-down ego-organizations that are in self-destruct.

The survivors and thrivers of the difficult times ahead will be the organizations putting people and ethics first in an organic learning structure. The mission of the non-profit Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management is to provide the best support possible for profitable, sustainable evolution.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The Greatest Sales Pitch for our imperative need to create FECAM is the book:
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins and

Crimes Against Nature by Robert F. Kennedy and

When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten, revealing what he calls our “Global suicide economy.”


The Delphi Process

Some innovative people at the Rand Corporation created the Delphi Process. They found that they had good success in predicting the future in business, using this seemingly insignificant process.

The success was in minimizing ego, leaving room for essence to come forth.

Simply by circulating anonymous questions and answers, then compiling new input and by mailing it out again and getting new input and revised conclusions, they achieved remarkable success without having to use more than three cycles!

Even with this great success, they concluded that the best way to predict the future was to create it.

The EPIC Opportunity for Our Time

Organizations that are founding participants of The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management will have the opportunity to appoint a vice president in charge of diversification who will participate in creating a new company, Abundance Technology Inc. We have the proprietary strategy to fund this mega corporation that can be the leader of social responsibility and profitable sustainability.

Now! Taking the big picture from the top
This means embracing our potential that enables us to operate from whole-systems thinking and action, despite the fact that we have been programmed to be reductionistic.

The Billion People Niche Market
Markets come and go, as fads come and go, as economic trends come and go. We are more aware of this now because it is all happening a lot faster as the dynamics of communication accelerates.

Following Is the Proprietary, Practical, Pivotal Action That Can Launch the next Major Sustainable Growth Industry

By the nature of this new industry, it will most likely dwarf all other growth industries to date. If we are going to have a positive, prosperous, sustainable future, it will result from this new industry that will be made up of companies that are evolving to be “organic learning organizations” that maximize the release of the vast, untapped, potential of their employees.

This new company will bring together the state of the arts for building self-sufficient, ecologically, sociologically sustainable villages and clusters of villages to create a new kind of city. These villages will be built around high-intensity, commercial, organic farming that would have state-of-the-art water and waste reclamation, with a sustainable energy system such as solar power. Excess energy and food can be sold to nearby communities.

It is envisioned that the members of the community would own the food and energy businesses and commercial buildings. This is to create practical communities being survival sufficient in food and water and affluent in power and social amenities. This means bringing together, in unprecedented cooperation, organizations that are capable of building sustainable communities.

To add sociological sustainability, this could be accomplished by establishing these communities around the highly proven, most successful, Mondragon system. This has been operating for over 60 years.

The Initial work of the new conglomerate company, Abundance Technology Inc, can be establishing profitable re-development of existing communities creating bio-regional sustainable geographic areas by investing in evolving the region to have all the mentioned aspects of prosperous sustainability.

The Year 2020 Vision is Launched

By using the attached proposed survey, we will invite participation in creating the final survey.  From those identified in this process, we can create a small group to receive the improved survey that will identify our core creators.

We have a very powerful bonding process that we can use to support people operating from the power of essence integrity rather than ego integrity. We will have a major win as soon as we are committed, with the benefit of the essence integrity process that taps into the ninety percent of our potential that is dormant.

It is envisioned that the creation of the villages will be a new form of practical experiential higher educational systems. With interns working with master craftsmen in all the areas necessary to create the organic sustainable communities.

John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

John T Lyle CenterAt Cal Poly-Tech University, there is an interdisciplinary program called the “Center for Regenerative Studies” under the College of Environmental Design.

It is a micro eco-village that houses both students and faculty and demonstrates sustainable technology.

The students and faculty study and demonstrate ecologically sound energy efficiency, such as solar and wind power. One of the most dramatic demonstrations accomplished was the tapping of a nearby dumpsite to pipe out methane gas, which was used to generate electricity for ten thousand homes in Pomona.

They utilize energy-efficient buildings and demonstrate water and waste reclamation. They even include an organic farming project. It is very complete, as they bring in social and political components.

A vision is to use the creation of FECAM as a catalyst to bring together a community such as San Diego, demonstrating unprecedented cooperation in laying the foundation for the next major growth industry. Then, all of California can be invited to participate, opening a window of opportunity to the United States and then the world.

We can demonstrate California’s perfect vision for the year 2020 by building the community or re-developed region of the future using state-of-the-art technology and the proven system for sociological sustainability, like the Mondragon system.


Participating in creating the California Republic Challenge can support birthing FECAM or FECAM can birth the California Republic Challenge.

What is your perfect vision for the Year 2020
and what do you need to create it?
This launches the Year 2020 Vision Initiative.

This pilot eco-village development could be like a permanent, living, and evolving “World’s Fair” of the future. Once businesses, community organizations, colleges and universities get behind it, the state government can get involved.

A gift of land from the state, county, and federal government, or private land donation, could be invited to build a model to incubate the new industry. A meeting of California land use planners could identify the best site offered from state, county, federal or private land that would be donated for the cluster of eco-villages.

When this vision is announced to the world, every state, province and country can be encouraged to create their highest vision for the ecological, sociological, sustainable village of the future to celebrate their perfect vision for Year 2020. In the United States we can fund this by creating state, county and city citizen-benefit banks using their massive Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) funds.

This is very real in that they have the funds if they only use some of their CAFR funds to create state, city and county citizen-benefit banks emulating what North Dakota is doing. A challenge to countries could be to accomplish building these visionary communities, having their military/industrial complexes participate.

By expanding the military capacity to create war in reverse, building ecological, sociological sustainable villages we can raise the prestige and pay of the military and provide greater profits for our military/industrial building complex. This will result in having a real Department of Defense, rather than a War Department, as it is now and was originally properly named.

There are going to be a lot of very wealthy organizations building these communities outside every city..

We have everything we need to create nurturing sustainable environments for all people.  All we need to do now is free our integrity and potential.

Abundance Technology, Inc.

This company can capture this greatest opportunity of our time. We have the strategy for this company to position itself to be the leader in ecological and social solutions by contracting with governments to solve the causes of their problems.

This will result in this company being the leader in ecological sustainability and military conversion. This conversion will raise the pay and prestige of the industrial/military complex and assure a prosperous sustainable future.

Bringing together state-of-the-arts in building sustainable communities for the billion people living in poverty will create new markets for sustainable new growth.

Action now is establishing a few organizations to lead the way with the not for profit Health Optimizing Institute and The Transformation 2000 Network, birthing The Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management. It will take an organic launching organization to ensure success.

This will establish the next major growth industry of contracting organizations that can build ecologically and sociologically sustainable communities.

It is imperative that organizations choosing to be in expanding integrity receive the greatest support possible. We will be able to find the organizations to create this ultimate support in that they will be joining together in FECAM with unprecedented cooperation to birth our sustainable society.

The following list of benefits will insure that people will want to work for participating organizations, invest in them and buy their products. We will know which organizations to give this ultimate support to because they will display the:

Year 2020 Vision Good Conscience Seal of Participation

Good Conscience Seal of Participation

Benefits of Participation

Following is an overview of the benefits of being a Fortunate 50 inaugural member of the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management:

  1. Participate in a profound and powerful public relations program that will maximize organizational viability and visibility.
  2. Participate in creating and ratifying a “Charter of Excellence” that establishes the organization as being a leader in social consciousness and in securing a sustainable future for itself and society (Expanding Integrity Management).
  3. Ensure that the organization has the most effective, proven Organization Evolution (OE) programs. This is to optimize the health of employees and the organization.
  4. Receive the most advanced employee optimal health programs. These include releasing the maximum potential of employees–the foundation for any leading Organic Learning Organization.
  5. Support in having the most effective employee ethics program. This keeps higher morale.
  6. Being showcased on a prime-time TV program, “Year2020Vision: Seeing Our Incredible Future.” In effect, this will be an infomercial for participating organizations. This show will feature what participating organizations are doing or supporting to create a sustainable future. This can evolve to being “The Greatest Good News” TV Channel. The narrator at the beginning and end of the program will say, “Every time you spend a dollar, you are casting a vote. Vote for the organizations that are providing the only insurance policy we know of for a sustainable future. You will know these organizations because they will display the GOOD CONSCIENCE SEAL OF PARTICIPATION. If a company does not display the seal we can not really afford to buy their products. We can win civilization by creating buycott and boycott.”
  7.  Participating organizations will be able to display the “GOOD CONSCIENCE SEAL OF PARTICIPATION.”
  8.  Participating organizations will have the benefit of joining in unprecedented cooperation in projects that will be featured in the TV show, “Year2020Vision: Seeing Our Incredible Future.”
  9.  Members will have the prestige of sponsoring and participating in the Intellectual OlympicsThe Wisdom Games. This will be created by the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management and the Transformation 2000 Network. This will help participating organizations discover and have access to the world’s greatest strategists.
  10.  The participating organizations will have the prestige of sponsoring the First Priority Fund for pivotal project philanthropy.
  11.  Participating organizations will have the benefit of the most effective organizational development programs.
  12.  A major benefit of being a charter member will be having first priority in establishing and owning the conglomerate organization, Abundance Technology Inc. This is destined to be the next major sustainable growth industry for our world. This has the potential to be a conglomerate, jointly owned organization that has the ability to build ecologically and socially sustainable communities outside every city or develop bio-regional sustainability.

These can be living ‘world fairs’ of the future for fulfilling living, where people can create their dreams in a sustainable, healthy environment. We have the knowledge, wisdom, integrity and leadership right here in California to do this. All we need is the catalyst to bring us together.

This new industry will have the potential of giving the Department of Defense the added capacity of creating war in reverse. Over 80% of the military is logistics that can be designed to support war and war in reverse. We can demonstrate that this is the greatest defense and justify the expenditure of the billion dollars a day now spent on obsolete war for creating security.

“Now that we have a universal United Nations with rules for conflict resolution, there are no longer any just wars.”  –Dr. Robert Muller

The new name for the military/industrial complex can be the Industrial Security Complex. This can raise the pay and prestige of the military, for they will be adding to the GNP, creating financial security along with security in world friendship. These communities they build could be like Trojan Horses for a real democratic free enterprise system.

What Is Your Perfect Vision for the Year 2020?

Catching your vision of Year 2020 and getting it on your agenda will free your greatest potential and fulfillmentPowerful support for this is the Integrity Circles Support Group found at the Health Optimizing Institute website.

The attached survey is the catalyst that can bring the Fortunate 50 organizations together, creating the Foundation for Evolving Citizens And Management birthing this new industry. 

If you would like to be kept informed about our work, please fill out and return the attached questionnaire.

If you choose to participate in either or both sections of the survey, we will send you a copy of the results of this survey along with an invitation to our inaugural conference on “Launching The Next Major Growth Industry and Creating A Healthy Profit.”

The Health Optimizing Institute
New Mission And Vision